Exmouth Rowing Club Is Back.


Winter comes to an end, and Exmouth Rowing Club unruffles its feathers, gives itself a shake, and readies itself for the coming season amongst the sweat and glory of the Coastal League. 

Hence, the busy scene last Saturday as five quads took the water for the 22-kilometer haul to Topsham and back. Five quads are twenty rowers, plus the all-important cox at the back. ” This year, I was determined to get novices to test themselves,” said event organizer Les Norcliffe. “To be competitive, you need stamina as well as technique.”

Usually, this spring fixture tempts crews south from Exeter Rowing Club for the traditional ‘Townsman’s Challenge.’ Still, in the absence of the fine-boaters, it was left to ERC Chairman Richard Robinson to field four ERC crews, plus local rivals Jurassica, to pit themselves against themselves, each other, and the clock. 

In a strengthening easterly breeze, the scattered fleet powered towards the mouth of the river. Exmouth Ladies threw down the gauntlet to Jurassica, taking an early lead of three lengths, holding off the more experienced men’s quad in their lightweight Jersey boat for nine kilometers. 

Then came Exmouth’s mixed crew in a race-capable Rushworth, followed by two post-novice units in their heavier Safran. Finally, land-based competition arrived in the shape of Mark, hopefully another prospective ERC recruit, who picked up the gauntlet and battled to match the returning fleet by running the coastal path from Topsham to Exmouth.


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