“Nigeria Is On A Precipice,Any Slight Miscarriage Of The Current Situation May Lead To Something Else.”- Yoruba Elder, Chief Ayo Opadokun 


Chief Ayo Opadokun of the defunct National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), spoke during an interactive session on Wednesday. He said that he is not a prophet and cannot foretell if the President would relinquish office after his second term elapses.

However, he explained that the world has changed and has become a global village where information has become very accessible, especially through social media and no leader is secure against its effects.

“Ayo Opadokun is not a prophet, I’m knot in the business of conjuring responses, I’m neither a psychologist nor a seer to say reading from the body language of this person, to say this is what the person will do or this is what the person will not do.

But one thing I can assure you of is that the world is now a global community. No leader is immune from its effects or focus of social media as to what it does.” He said

“What you do here in one minute can go viral globally and be known and followed excessively. I will like to give President Buhari the benefit of doubt, he said he is going to Daura to take care of his family.”

“I am confessing to you that what the American government has just recently done by deciding to spend a whooping $535 million to establish an American consulate in Lagos is not a joke, we are being taken seriously. 

“If anybody is daring to mess up that, he will have the world community to contend with, I believe that no matter what may be your doubt you are entitled to it because of the happenings of the recent past. I myself was a reporter at that time, I was in Kano to cover the tribunal in 1981,but it has gone beyond that.

“But we are doing, we are positively directed, focused, there’s a reason for us not to lose this chance because Nigeria is on a precipice, any slight miscarriage may lead to something else. Let’s do what we can do.”


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