Nigeria Will Triumph Over All Obstacles This Easter – CAN


We should all remember to pray for our country during the Easter season.

Nigeria, according to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), will overcome all of its issues and grow into a greater nation.

Rev. Samson Ayokunle, the President of CAN, stated this in his Easter speech titled “Hope in the Midst of Gloom” on Thursday in Abuja. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Nigerians, according to Ayokunle, would rejoice and be proud of their country once more.

According to Job 14:7-8, a tree that has been chopped down but whose root remains in the earth will sprout again when the scent of water is detected.

“My prayer to God is to fast-tract the resurrection of Nigeria from all her pains and challenges, so that those of us who have tasted the suffering in our nation might equally eat of the good of this nation in the name of Jesus Christ.

“I commend our security agencies for all they are doing at nipping the ugly situation of insecurity in the bud, especially for the supreme price some of them had paid.

“We seize this opportunity of Easter to pray for comfort for their families and urge the government to take good care of the people they left behind.

 “I plead with the Federal Government to work harder to bring reprieve to Nigerians from all these challenges very soon.

 “Once again, I wish you a happy Easter. May Hallelujah be your song forever in Jesus name,” he said.

In the name of Jesus, Ayokunle claimed he delivered the celebratory message to all Christians in Nigeria and, by extension, to all Nigerians.

The arrest of Jesus by evil men and so-called religious leaders, his crucifixion, and, of course, his burial were the most shocking events in his disciples’ lives, according to him.

He claimed that despite his repeated assurances that it would happen, they believed that no one would be able to apprehend, let alone crucify him, because of his supernatural power.

He went on to say that they didn’t understand the Bible when it said that Christ had to suffer first before entering his glory and becoming Lord of all. (See Acts 24:25-27.)

“Jesus remained three days in the grave as if he was not going to resurrect, however, on the third day, there was a great happening.

“There was an earthquake, the foundation of the earth was shaken and Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, the Lord of lords rose triumphantly from the dead.

“His resurrection brought smiles to the faces of his disciples and shame to his enemies,” he added.  

He did say, however, that nothing was worse than death, and that if Jesus died and was buried, causing his disciples the greatest disappointment and anguish, but then rose from the grave, it was the worst thing that could happen.

This, he claimed, signified that Nigeria will rise once more.

Greater Nigeria we pray.


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