Nkechi Blessing: Timeline of movie star’s relationship drama


A glance at one of Nigeria’s most dramatic breakups. 

Nkechi Blessing is one of those performers who has become more well-known for their controversies than for their work. 

She proved us right in April 2022 when her marriage to a relatively unknown politician and self-acclaimed philanthropist, Opeyemi Falegan, crashed. 

We’ll go over the intrigues, drama, and upheaval that the former couple produced on social media as a result of their failing relationship in this timeline. 

  • The breakup – a story with two or more sides

Nkechi Blessing had always claimed that the public would never know if her romance or marriage ended. 

She claims she’ll take her ‘L’ and depart quietly.

That wasn’t the case when the Falegans announced the end of their married lives on Instagram. It wasn’t long until Nkechi decided to make an important announcement.

The actress went live on Instagram, announcing that the relationship was ended and that she had accepted her breakfast peacefully. 

She then began to cry furiously about the breakup, and she subsequently cursed the blogger who said she had cheated on Falegan. 

  • Nkechi reveals that Opeyemi was her for her fame 

While her admirers thought the Instagram live drama was done, she continued to drag her estranged spouse about. 

The Nollywood actress was prepared to take the politician to task this time. She claimed that Falegan simply married her for the sake of fame. 

In the other room, she also exposed his apparent weakness. 

  • Opeyemi says Nkechi was with him for sex.

Nkechi may have dubbed Falegan a ‘five seconds man’ and broken, but she had no idea what would happen next. Falegan, it seemed, was not going to take it lying down.

During a social media conversation with another actor, the politician disclosed that Nkechi was just with him for sex and money.

The actress, he claims, was keen to have children with him. 

He also revealed that Nkechi had financially wrecked him. 

fourthly Opeyemi the alleged fake British Airforce officer.

Nkechi and Falegan got nasty in one of the messiest breakups in the entertainment industry, according to many.

Nkechi revealed another surprise when fans and observers of the ugly breakup were still trying to figure out when she will go offline.

The actress went on Instagram Live once more, this time accusing her former spouse of lying about his professional background. 

Falegan was never a British Airforce officer, according to Nkechi. He leased a uniform and pretended to be an officer, according to her. 

  • They were not even married

During an interview in 2020, Nkechi announced that she and Falegan were planning to marry.

 In 2021, she released images from her traditional wedding ceremony on her Instagram feed.

During the drama with her now ex-boyfriend in April 2022, Nkechi disclosed that they were never married. She lied to us!

“Apologies to everybody who thought I led them on by saying I was married. I am sorry. I apologise. Please forgive me,” she said. 


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