Obi Cubana Teaches Selflessness To Youths.


The entrepreneur figure Obi Cubana became more popular after the event at his late mother’s funeral.

Obinna Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, the chairman of Cubana groups, has admonished youths to practice selflessness.’

The global businessman described a book he once read on selflessness’ as he outlined its feature in a post on his Instagram feed on Monday.

As he challenged his readers to live selflessly, Obi Cubana also emphasized a society devoid of selfless persons, as well as its flaws.

“Good morning my fellow Nigerian Youths!! Today let’s talk about SELFLESSNESS!!” he wrote.

“Once upon a time, I read a book for tomorrow, we gave our today….” This is a clear definition of selflessness.

“Selflessness is where you think more about the next person than yourself, or at least think about them as much as you think about yourself!

“You’re concerned about how the next person is faring, how he/she is surviving, how he/she would feel if you do certain things. How your actions/inactions affect the next person.

“Take a look at the reference I made above…..can people still sacrifice their today for the tomorrow of the unborn generations? Can you share a plate of your food to save someone else from dying of starvation? Can you sacrifice some luxury, to ensure some kids of incapable parents go to school?”

Obi Cubana added: “The society we live in today is more of “cat eat cat” than “be your brothers’ keeper.”

The level of very unhealthy competition amongst “friends” leaves one wondering the essence of life generally.

“People who should normally collaborate to make the world a better place are seriously competing unnecessarily thereby brewing hate, envy, wickedness and bitter rivalry. What does this lead to??

“The generation after us are keenly watching and learning and these things will be replicated in hundreds of folds! Are you not worried about the society you will leave behind for your children?

“The very essence of life is to live, not just exist. To love one another, and to leave the environment/society better than we met it!!! Nothing ever lasts forever…….only peace of mind if you work towards achieving that!!! Be a selfless human, think about the world and let’s make it a better place!

“Na enjoyment carry me come to this world ooo, and I go dey enjoy am dey go!!! Have an amazing week.”

I completely agree with him. 


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