Ramadan : The month of fasting and repentance.


Ramadan is the month when Muslims seek forgiveness for their misdeeds. I’ve never forgotten what the old scholars said about the first ten days being for the remission of sins.

 The second ten days are dedicated to blessings and mercies, while the last 10 days are dedicated to new life.

We cannot deny that Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, whether we are in the first, second, or last 10 days. 

The first ten minutes have simply gone by. How have you managed to make the most of the first ten days? It’s worth noting that the entire month is about to pass you by, just as the first 10 days have.

Consider how you came to be involved in sins and how they have affected your life. 

Grow on the path of purifying yourself from sin with remorse, week pardon of sins, and make your life and the Hereafter better.

Sins are the impediments we place on our own pathways to happiness in this world and in the afterlife. Daily, monthly, and yearly, we commit those faults by the hour. 

Do we, on the other hand, repent of the sins we’ve committed? Were we adamant about not repeating those errors?

Ramadan allows us to experience what it is like to be a new born child and grow closer to Allah. 

While ascending the minbar for a jumat prayer, the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) stated, “Woe betide anybody who witnesses Ramadan and is unable to seek or obtain forgiveness of sins.”

“Every son of Adam sins,” he stated in another scenario, “and the best of the sinners are those who repent.” (According to Ibn Maajah).

 Let us not be among those unfortunate people who scarcely spend any time contemplating on their sins and misdeeds this Ramadan.

Cheers to the season, Have a wonderful Ramadan!!!!


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