The FG Has Ordered The Nrc To Transfer Over Railroad Passenger Processing To A Technological Firm.


In our current age, technology has been shown to make things fit better than before.

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has been asked by the Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi to hand over train passenger processing to Secure ID.

Secure ID is the technology company in charge of the Abuja-Kaduna rail service’s e-ticketing platform.

The Minister added that the measure will reduce crime and security incidents on the corridor, as well as allow the company to match passengers’ faces with their names.

When the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) presented him with the Full Business Case Certificates (FBC) for the Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe-Warri e-ticketing services in Abuja, Amaechi revealed this.

He claims that the installation of the e-ticketing technology for Abuja-Kaduna has raised monthly revenue from roughly N100 million to N400 million and that all revenue leakages have been eliminated.

According to the ministry,“The benefits of the e-ticketing platform is that it rose from N100 Million to N 400 million per month, which is an improvement. We have been able to do something that will eliminate leakages.

“One thing I think I may disagree with the public on is the issue of ticket racketeering. I have spoken to the person in charge of Abuja-Kaduna to take over the identification process from NRC.

“Because what the National Assembly told me was that NRC doesn’t cross-check the ID of passengers on the tickets and they (Secure ID) had wanted to do it, but they have not gotten the approval from NRC.

“So, I have told NRC to allow them to do it, so that we match faces with the names. It is not all about crime but it is also about security, so we should release it to those security outlets.

“Even though we cannot eliminate 100 per cent crime and corruption, it will reduce the danger of having to run into security crises, so that we know that what we are battling with is not crises in our terminals but on the way and I believe that, that also will be sorted out as we go to cabinet for approval of the security gadgets.”

Mr. Michael Ohiani, the ICRC’s Acting Director-General, said the concession is for ten years and will generate over N140 billion in revenue as well as over 3000 direct and indirect jobs. 

“The concession is for ten years, it is going to generate over 140 Million to the federal government. Most importantly, it will also create job opportunities for over 3000 direct and indirect jobs.

“The next phase is for the minister to take it to the Federal Executive Council for approval and the Ministry of Justice will now clear it.”

Because that is what technology is known for, making things easier let’s hope it works out for the better.


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