Why did Deeper Life Fully Embrace Television – Kumuyi 


Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has stated that the necessity to spread the gospel motivated Deeper Life Bible Church’s choice to embrace the use of television, radio, social media, and other technical advances.

Kumuyi believes that the church cannot sit by and let wicked people utilize technology to further their goal and that the church must rise up and employ the same technology for the cause of the gospel.

In a video posted on Facebook by the Ekiti State branch of the church on Sunday, the preacher expressed regret for the church’s late adoption of technological instruments. 

“We will take anything at the disposal of those who are doing evil and utilize it to spread the gospel.

People are gaining new means and they are committing bad, said Kumuyi, whose church members were known to despise television and other electronics. 

People are using telephones, the media, all of these connections, the Zoom, and all of these things to expand the evil they are doing. 

These are the last days, and evil is growing worse because people are going beyond their natural strengths, natural technology. 

How about you, if Satan’s messengers are exploiting modern technology and expanding? You’ll take advantage of the resources accessible to you; they’re not just for wicked messengers; they’re also for good messengers. You will make use of them. 

The church has been slumbering for quite some time. People didn’t understand how voices could come out of radio when it first came out a few years ago, so the church declared at the time, “No, we can’t use radio; there’s something mystical, satanic about voices coming out of a gadget?” No, said the church. 

The world’s population began to use radio after that. The congregation then awoke.

Television came out, it was the same seems santanic but it’s now been used.

But now the church is waking up to the fact that that thing (technology) is being used to spread the gospel because God’s word travels everywhere. 

We shall be more knowledgeable than the rest of the world’s population, We will be roused by the Lord.

It’s all for the best”.


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