Your Remarks Have The Potential To Cause Havoc – Group Cautions Kukah


Reverend Hassan Mathew Kukah, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, has been warned by the Patriotic Elders of Nigeria over his views on the country’s security situation, claiming that his remarks had the potential to incite significant civil disturbance in Nigeria.

Dr. Bature AbdulAziz, the National President of the Elders, said in a statement, “We are not very excited with certain words, thoughts and behavior of Reverend Matthew Kukah. 

“We the patriotic elders’ network perceive some of these words by the reverend as negatively inclined thoughts that are determined to upset and agitate the peace and unity of the nation.”

He said: “Nigeria has been facing these difficult challenges for over 30 years, yet the reverend is keen on vocally, confidently voicing out his opinion by subjecting these problems to these recent years. 

“These certain ideologies of his are backed by people with similar interests as him, who are inclined towards frightening and pushing others with less social or religious knowledge which in return intensifies the tension in the country.

“Within our different social status in the country, be it a religious leader, politician, Business people, Government employees or learned individuals, we are collectively aware of the societal structure of the developed countries. 

“Their societies are efficiently driven by social development, adequate security, trust, citizen responsibility, discipline and law & order.” 

The elders say that instead of constantly criticizing the administration, Kukah should advocate for more modified ways for Nigeria to emerge from its current rut.

“However, as a religious head, you occasionally perpetuate and magnify our problems to a certain exaggerated level that conveys a negative message which in return displays you as a trouble advocate.

“Our reasons, the Elders said, are that You are consistently on a mission to spread out negativity, hopelessness, disunity, and pessimism towards the country. This regular exhibition of negativity makes one wonder if you are ever in support or encourage positive nation building discussions,” he said. 


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